5 Reasons Styled Stock Images Can Step Up Your Blog Game

If styled stock images feel remarkably generic to you, I invite you to try them first. Here are 5 reasons styled stock images can step up your blog game.

Who Has Time for Good Design?

Have you ever looked at your calendar and asked yourself, “Self, how in the heck are you going to get all of that done this week?” Yeah, me too. I’ve been there. My time is precious, but there are things you cannot sacrifice. Like, good design and visuals.

Good content deserves good visuals. Have you stumbled on a blog and thought, they have such great information, but the type is so hard to read? Or, the pictures and colors are killing my eyes.

Get People to Click On Your Pins!

Not everyone has an eye for design. But their content is so kick-ass, that you would hate to see them lose a reader because their blog is lacking something. Or, worse, no one ever clicks on your pin on Pinterest because you shot that photo with your iPhone in really low light.

5 Reasons Styled Stock Images Can Step Up Your Blog Game

So, how do you bring good design and visuals into your blog without sacrificing time and money? Easy, you do it with styled stock images. I’ll explain five reasons styled stock images can step up your blog game. Plus, you can click through down at the bottom to get FREE images from us to test.

1 | Styled Stock Images Free Your Time

Remember how I asked you about checking your calendar? It’s already a lot of work to write out the best blog post EVER, right? Styled stock photos give you the opportunity to collect branded images that match your aesthetic. You aren’t spending a day shooting your own images…time that could be spent networking or growing your business.

2 | Styled Stock Images Don’t Require You to Have Pro Photog Skills

Let’s face it; those images look fantastic. Most of the images you see available for purchase, like ours, are shot by professionals that studied photography for years. They have an eye for good lighting and styling and know how to expose their images correctly. You don’t have time for that. Or maybe you’ve tried, but the investment in learning isn’t something you can budget for right now.

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3 | Styled Stock Images Won’t Blog Your Budget

If you invested in professional quality gear like a DSLR camera, lenses, lighting, and props, you could easily blow through your budget. Good gear isn’t cheap. And, if you’re not serious about using photography in some way in your business on a regular basis, the costs associated with styled stock images is by far more affordable. We sell single images for as little as $5.

4 | Styled Stock Images Give Your Biz a Polished Look

Maybe design isn’t your thing. And, that’s okay! It’s not everyone’s thing. But, you desire to have gorgeous visuals to enhance your content. That’s where styled stock images can help. They can up your professional game and make you a star! Your content can stand out.

5 | Styled Stock Images Are Versatile

One thing I love about using styled stock images is that I can crop them and adjust them to fit my brand’s needs. I can collect images that match my brand and use them in my social media posts, my Pinterest graphics, and my courses.

I’d be silly, as a professional photographer, not to recommend having custom stock images created for your business. It’s the best way to achieve brand clarity and stay unique to what others are using. However, not everyone is in a position to budget for that type of work. And, while we’d love to shoot your custom styled images, if we can’t, we ask that you check out our offerings of styled stock images in our library. We think you’d be pleased with how they can help you look more professional.

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