5 Tips to Better Instagram Photos

Looking for simple ways to improve your Instagram images? It’s simple. Here are 5 tips to better Instagram photos that will help you maintain consistency and create drool-worthy photos.

Looking for simple ways to improve your Instagram images? It’s simple. Here are 5 tips to better Instagram photos that will help you maintain consistency and create drool-worthy photos.


5 Tips to Better Instagram Photos

When it comes to Instagram, you probably find yourself drawn to your favorite Instagrammers for a reason. You may not know what it is, but each of these people has an effective way of creating drop-dead gorgeous photos, and they do it well…consistently.

Their images look professional, but you may not know that many of these Insta-stars use simple tools to create those gorgeous pictures. Let’s take a look:

Find Good Light

The number one thing that will improve your images is always to find good light. So, what do I mean? Look for areas where you have open shade. This means you allow the natural light in without being in direct sunlight.

One way to do this is to use a garage with the door open or get on your patio during the time of day when the sun is directly overhead and not coming into the area. Paired with a reflector (an important investment btw) you can help to bounce light back into the areas farthest from the light source.

If you’re missing daylight well, you might want to invest in some lights that use daylight bulbs and can be softened with a softbox. I bought one for $39 (affiliate link), and now I can shoot anywhere, anytime (even when it’s a cold, dreary day).

Whatever you do, find good light. Don’t rush it. If you can’t find it, wait for it. Lighting your images will improve them vastly.

Find Unique Backdrop Options

When it comes to your images on Instagram, you want to stay on brand. So if your brand uses marble textures, find ways to mix this into your images.

You can create several branded backdrops inexpensively by purchasing foam core board and contact paper, wallpaper, or wrapping paper. Have one side of foam core boards for solid white options, and then do the other sides with your paper options.

Mix up your backgrounds as they work with what you’re shooting. Choose non-busy patterns for smaller items.

Try Different Angles

Get out of a rut. Just because you love lay flat photos doesn’t mean you have to always create them. Mix it up. Move around.

Move your body around your subject and shoot at different angles. This also gives you more images for your Insta-bank to pull from later.


Look for Inexpensive Props

Our favorite spot for inexpensive props to include in some of our Instagram images are from the Target Dollar Spot. Have a staple of things like pens and notecards. These will be great fillers for photos you want to share on Instagram during your slow times.

We recommend collecting simple items in your branding colors so you can easily mix and match things up as needed. But, don’t worry. If you don’t have time for that, our stock images are shot with you in mind. Look for images that fit your brand in our shop.

Don’t Over Process

And, finally, don’t over-process your photos. Gone are the days of cranking the saturation on photos. And, hazy isn’t always that great either. Classic, clean processing will be more timeless.

So, pick a process and stay consistent with it. Your images should feel similar in tone, process them to match every time.

Instagram is probably one of the most dedicated social media platforms out there. Things have to look great, almost perfect. But, with these 5 tips, you’re on your way to making it simpler for you.

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